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Domain Parking Case Study Results for Two Word Hand Registered .COM in Toys Category

Background Information

Note: Google AdSense Terms and Conditions do not permit us to divulge the URL addresses that match the results referenced herein, but you can visit real sites built using Beyond Domaining guidebooks from our product pages. Be assured that the results cited below are real and are completely organic, i.e. the results were not ‘juiced’ by paid search keyword campaigns.

This is a two-word domain name in the Toys category that was ‘hand registered’ in 2008. The domain name was developed using the Domain Development guidebook in January 2009.

Many of our customers ask how the Beyond Domaining system performs with ‘hand registered’ domain names. Hand registration refers to the registration of open and freely available domain names at everyday registrars such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Hand registered names typically have no initial source of traffic, and must start from scratch earning a place in the search engines’ indices.

Hand registration is not our first choice for development, but many of our customers develop hand registered domain names with a good deal of success.

Our system produces excellent results with hand registered domain names, but progress is slower going than with developing well selected ‘dropped’ or ‘after-market’ names. You can find detailed instructions on how to source ‘dropped’ and ‘aftermarket’ domains in our Domain Development guidebook.

Guidebook Used: Domain Development

Carefully following the guidebook, the owner took one week to launch her new site: she spent a few hours each day, plus the weekend. The first day was spent setting up the framework of the site and the remainder of the week and weekend was spent populating the site with content. The owner populated the site with lots of free content and developed some of the content herself using the strategies laid out in the guidebook. Our guidebook walked her through each of these steps to launch the site with simple easy to follow instructions. After the first week, the site totaled thirty-five pages of content. The work was completed by one person, in one week, and other than the minimal hosting account cost, there was not any more time or money invested in the web site than that. Since the site launch in February 2009, absolutely no more work has been done on the web site. At the time of this writing the site still has thirty-five pages of content.

Results: Domain Development Guidebook

Starting from zero, this hand registered domain name has steadily marched its way up the search rankings, earning more and more money, month after month, for its owner. At the time of this writing, nearly a year after the web site’s original launch in February 2009, domain earnings are at approximately $60 per month, or $720 per year, and appear to still be growing.

For its two-word targeted search term, the domain achieved the following rankings by November 2009:

#11 in Google, #2 in Yahoo, #3 in Bing

This was no small feat considering the search term is extremely competitive with 830,000 monthly keyword search volume, according to the Google Keyword Tool. We attribute these excellent results to the owner following the instructions in her Domain Development guidebook closely.

The table below illustrates how revenues for this hand registered domain grew over time. Note again, that this is with absolutely no additional development effort since January 2009, and revenues appear to still be growing:

Month Page Views Earnings
February 2009 150 $1.00
March 2009 285 $3.00
April 2009 370 $3.00
May 2009 560 $5.00
June 2009 710 $6.00
July 2009 795 $8.00
August 2009 1,020 $9.00
September 2009 1,670 $16.00
October 2009 1,820 $22.00
November 2009 2,880 $53.00
December 2009 2,500 $59.00

(1) the numbers above have been rounded for presentation purposes.

Let’s take a look at the Google AdSense report for the exact same domain name in December 2009, after being developed using the Domain Development guidebook:

AdSense Screenshot After Beyond Domaining


The obvious difference between this case study and the, Fabulous, and Domain Sponsor case studies, which were performed on ‘aftermarket’ domain names, is how long it took to reach meaningful earnings. Had the owner judged the results after the first few months, she would have incorrectly judged the project a failure. It wasn’t until nearly a full year later that the domain reached a respectable $60 per month run rate, thereby making the project an eventual success. The lesson here is that achieving results with hand registered domain names can take a long time – up to a full year in some cases.

In addition to showing you how to develop your names, our Domain Development guidebook walks you through the process of identifying and selecting high quality ‘dropped’ and ‘aftermarket’ domain names – the ideal domain names for our system.

However for domainers that don’t have the money or don’t want to invest the money in aftermarket domains, hand registration is often the only option.

By the end of 2009, the owner of this domain name was extremely happy with the Beyond Domaining system. She had her doubts after the first few months only yielded a few dollars in incremental revenue. But with patience her Beyond Domaining purchase was proven a success. After only one week of work in January 2009, she now has a domain name asset that produces approximately $60 per month in new income, and that number appears to be growing as of the time this writing.

Well done Gentle Domainer, banish the parking companies from your life! You can learn more about Beyond Domaining by visiting our home page on Domain Development.

Please take this next important step, and remember our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What are you waiting for? Aren’t you sick of being a mediocre domainer? Sitting by while all the money you invested in domains is wasted? While people like me are making a killing by rapidly launching income generating web sites

Its your turn to take your domain income to the next level. Follow the path to financial freedom. Re-claim the promise of domaining

You are just a few clicks away from the #1 Domain Development Guidebook

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Buy with Confidence – You are Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Beyond Domaining Rapid Web Site Checkout


Beyond Domaining Rapid Web Site Checkout

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