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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Guarantee

This page is for prospective Beyond Domaining customers to submit and view the most frequently asked questions and answers about our system. We love getting questions from prospective customers because they often tell us what features we need to work on and what information needs to be clarified on our web site. We also think this page is a great place to learn more about our system and clarify any questions you may have. If you are interested in our system, but still have some questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us a message via our Contact Us form, or to post a message right here on this page. Remember, there are no stupid questions – the only stupid question is the one not asked!

27 Responses

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    We’ve had several questions asking what Beyond Domaining developed domains looks like?

    Sure, no problem!

    Here are three things you could do to learn more about what Beyond Domaining developed domains look like (1) Visit our home page and there are three testimonials from satisfied customers that link to their web sites, (2) Read through the comments on this ‘Testimonials’ page, and you will see that many Beyond Domaining customers have posted links to their own sites, (3) visit my blog at – I used the Beyond Domaining system to launch that site and much of the functionality is what you will learn how to develop in the Beyond Domaining system.

    Keep in mind though, that you can choose from thousands of templates, so you are in full control of the look and feel of your site. And there are a lot of options when you set up your Beyond Domaining sites – so your sites may take on a completely different form and function based on the different options you choose. Nonetheless, these sites provide a good example of some of the core features and functionality you will develop using our system.

    Keep in mind also, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that we show you how to do to ensure maximum SEO potential, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, search engine friendly pages and URLs, etc. And of course, you will fill in your own site with you own content and images, or the free content and images we show you how to include.

  • Shelley Says:

    I purchased your guidebook, and I have to say it’s very informative. Thank you for putting it together. I do have one question about the information if you don’t mind. When developing a domain (according to your guidebook), does it help drive more traffic to your site if the site is multiple pages with content on each page? Or does it provide about the same traffic if the site is just one page? The reason I’m asking is because it appears that one of the sites you used for an example only appears to be one page. Can you please advise on this?


  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It is recommended that you build as many pages of content as possible. The example site was just a sample site for the purposes of the guidebook. When I get some time I will add some more pages of content to the example site.

    Best Wishes,

    Beyond Domaining

  • bafila Says:

    Please can you be more specific. What’s “domain development” system that you have? How does it work? How will my domain increase revenue by 300%? can you please explain to me?

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Bafila,

    We provide a 100 page step by step illustrated electronic guidebook (ebook) that walks you through the process launching revenue generating web sites. Initially, our guidebooks were primarily designed for ‘domainers’. But since then, our guidebooks have been used by all sorts of people as an over-arching tool to launch all sorts of web sites. ‘Domainers’ are people who make their living buying and selling and parking and developing domain names. Most ‘domainers’ make money from their domain names by ‘parking’ them on parked pages to earn advertising revenue. Our guidebooks walk ‘domainers’ through the process of launching web sites instead of parking or selling their domain names. By following the steps outlined in our guidebook, most Beyond Domaining customers experience profit increases of 5,000%+ over parked pages within three months. We provide a flexible money back guarantee.

    You can take a look at what a Beyond Domaining web site looks like from the Testimonials page or from our Home Page.

    By following our step by step illustrated guidebook, you can launch web sites like these very quickly. Our guidebook saves you hundreds of hours of trial and error and research compared to learning how to launch these sites on your own. And it saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to other solutions.

    Best Regards,
    Beyond Domaining

  • Brent Says:

    Hi, I am new to domaining and I am interested in developing several domains. I have some questions such as: How extensive is your guide (how many pages)? Do you explain how to use databases? Does your guide explain how databases work in domain development? Thank you for taking time to consider these questions, any other relevant information is greatly appreciated.


  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for your message. Here’s a quick follow up to your message.

    1) The guidebook comes in a PDF format and is approximately 100 pages long. We also include custom templates for download as a free bonus that comes with the purchase. The real benefit is that the guidebook walks you through the entire process of launching these sites, step by step, with an illustrated guide. Lots of screen shots with arrows and instructions telling you exactly what to do. Its very easy. It will save you a tremendous amount of time versus figuring everything out yourself.

    2) Regarding databases. Yes, in the guide we walk you through the process of setting up database driven web sites. But you don’t have to know anything about setting up or administering a database. We show you how to install and configure your entire web site with a few keystrokes. So, yes, you would be launching a robust database driven web site, but no, you would not be ‘administering’ a database the way that a DBA (database adminstrator) would. if you follow the guide, we make everything very simple.

    3) Take a look at our Home Page or our Testimonials page to get a better idea of some of the sites that Beyond Domaining customers launch.

    Beyond Domaining

  • Brent Says:

    quick question: At the forums (ie, DN Journal, Domaining, etc) everyone says to have hosting at a company different than the registrar for those domain names in question. Most of my domain names are with GoDaddy and I am wondering about this caution i hear so much now that i have a hosting account with them too. After I become proficient with developing the domains into sites, should I begin to separate hosting from registrar accounts?

    Thanks for all your help.


  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hi Brent,

    That’s a great question that most people don’t give enough thought to. To recap – the Beyond Domaining ‘system’ works with any hosting account. That’s part of the beauty of our system. You are not locked in to any particular service, and instead you are able to launch and manage your own sites using free open source software running on any one of the cheap ‘unlimited’ hosting accounts commonly available on the Internet.

    However, speaking from first hand experience, yes, I do agree with what you read on the forums that it is usually a good idea to use a different web host than where you have your domain names registered. In particular, this has been my experience for those people who choose to use GoDaddy as their web host AND domain name registrar.

    GoDaddy has this maddening thing where if you have a domain name registered with them, and then you end up hosting that same domain name using one of their hosting packages, then, if you ever end up needing to transfer that domain name away to a different registrar, the zone files need to be refreshed on their end. Say that you launch a web site, and then decide to sell it, and you need to transfer it to your customer’s registrar, or you decide to transfer it away from GoDaddy to a lower cost registrar.

    Well, you’re going to end up pulling your hair out trying to get that web site to work with GoDaddy’s hosting package because of the zone file refresh that needs to happen.

    What happens is that its such an uncommon thing, that the GoDaddy customer support reps have no idea what’s going on and they typically tell you – ‘you just need to update the name servers at your new registrar’ – meanwhile your client is pissed because the site is down, you’re pissed because the site is down, you’re losing money, you’re losing SEO cred in the search engines, and everything’s a mess.

    I’ve had this happen to me with GoDaddy more than once, and I have heard about this problem from several customers and colleagues. I know people that have had web sites down for nearly a month while everyone’s trying to sort out what’s going on. One time, I had to get this escalated through FOUR levels of GoDaddy support before someone there finally figured out the problem. In the mean time, the site was down for nearly a week, and I can tell you that my client was not the least bit happy about it. Another time, I told the GoDaddy rep ‘I think my zone files need to be refreshed – that’s what it was the last time this happened’ – she basically told me I was crazy and that I needed to do this at the new registrar. This issue would never have happened if the domain name was registered at a different place than the web hosting plan.

    That may have been more information than you bargained for, but I’ve got burned in this area more than once at GoDaddy, so its important to me. So the short answer to your question is, Yes, it usually is a good idea to have your web hosting plan at a different place than where your domain name is registered.

    We recommend as your low cost ‘unlimited’ plan web host – they’ve very low cost and offer excellent customer support and service. They have super-cheap domain names, and super-cheap web hosting. We use them and love them, and recommend them highly.

  • David Says:

    I just read your web site. You have some excellent concepts. You are transforming websites from “parked” status to live ones using content to pull visitors in. You are monetizing the results of visitors going to your site for “content”.

    Would you please give me some direction on what types of domain names are optimum with your program?

    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Best of success and prosperity to you!


  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello David,

    Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like you’re looking for direction on what types of domain names are optimum for the program. This is dealt with in our guidebook, but here is a quick primer:

    1) Domains of which you have an active interest. For example, if you’re a fan of Miami, FL, make a travel site about Miami, FL. Or if you’re a fan of a particular celebrity, make a fan site about that celebrity. Pictures, articles, links, reviews, etc. It helps to be interested in the subject matter of your web sites.

    2) Domains that have high CPCs. Some topics have high CPC value. Such as real estate or personal finance or travel or automotive. You can get a lot more monetary success out of a site that has high CPC value.

    3) Domains that have backlinks. You have to buy these domains in the aftermarket – which we show you how to do in our guidebook. If you can find domains that have lots of backlinks. That’s like gold.

    4) If you can develop web sites on domain names that match all three of the above, then that’s ideal.


    Beyond Domaining

  • Marcia Says:

    This looks very interesting. I have several domains I have been wanting to do something with and, as several others have mentioned, was just not sure where to start.

    I noticed that some of the example sites say “Powered by Beyond Domaining.” Is that a separate/optional service? I assume you can host these on your own hosting account.

    Also am I understanding that if you purchase the product there is a membership site where you can find additional resources?

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hi Marcia – thanks for your comment.

    Actually, several people have asked about the “Powered by Beyond Domaining” link at the bottom of a lot of the customer sites.

    This is completely OPTIONAL.

    You can remove this link at any time. We provide standard templates for use with our system and that is where the “Powered by” link is coming from. The standard templates we provide include the “Powered by Beyond Domaining” link in the footer, but you can remove this link at any time with no negative consequences whatsoever.

    You’ll notice, for example, this customer used a completely different template than the standard one that most of the others use:
    And that person removed the “Powered by Beyond Domaining” link.

    We do not provide hosting services. We do show you, step by step, in very easy to follow illustrations, exactly how to set up and configure your hosting account.

    We do recommend one hosting service in particular though: – they are a low cost web host and registrar that offers excellent service and support at rock bottom prices. We use them for our own web sites. We love their service and prices and we and highly recommend them. However, you are free to use any web host you like.

    We used to have a ‘Customer Center’ which was a password protected area where you could find a lot of additional resources. We have since taken this down and all resources can be found in the instant downloadable system.

    Thanks for your interest, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions!

  • Meda Says:

    Hey, I’ve recently bought a few domains but they get almost no traffic to become with, otherwise I’d be alright making a few bucks a day, if I turned them into sites could I get more traffic even if the typein doesn’t seem to be attracting people?

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Thanks for your question Meda.

    It really depends on how well of a job you do populating the site with SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content gets indexed in the search engines and generally leads to more traffic and substantially more revenue per domain name.

    If you follow our step by step illustrated guidebook, we show you how to launch SEO friendly content rich web sites. Our customers are generally extremely happy with the results of their sites.

    You should also read our case study titled ‘Hand Registration’ which should give you a better idea of what to expect from a hand-registered domain name with no existing traffic.

    Keep in mind also, the best performing web sites are built on top of high quality domain names. Our guidebook includes some special bonus sections walking you through our ‘Expert Domain Sourcing and Acquisition Strategies’.

    Good luck!

  • Venus Says:

    I have a bunch of domains, and also have a friend who has clients that are building portfolio’s. Once a client signs up with you, how long do they need to remain a client? Lets say they want to take a domain out to develop it at any time, are they allowed to do that, or are they committed for a certain amount of time? thanks, Venus

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Venus,

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest.

    We sell an instant downloadable PDF guidebook that walks you through a step by step, easy to follow illustrated process for developing your domain names into search engine friendly web sites. Along with our guidebook we provide template designs that are included as a free bonus.

    After you purchase our guidebook, you can develop an unlimited number
    of domain names into an unlimited number of web sites using any one of the ‘unlimited’ hosting plans commonly available on the Internet (the ‘unlimited plan at is our favorite).

    There is no ongoing commitment whatsoever. After purchasing our guidebook, you never have to pay us another dime ever again – and you can continue launching web site after web site after web site. That’s part of the beauty of our system. We teach you how to launch your own web sites. This is much better than other services out there that lock you into expensive monthly payment plans.

    On top of that, we have a very strong Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t think the guidebook is worth it, just request
    a refund and we’ll refund your money no problem.

    Best Regards,

    Beyond Domaining

  • Mark Says:


    Just wondering, once a site is developed using your system, how soon/how often must content and/or ads be changed/updated/added?


  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your question. In short, its really up to you. The more content you add and the more often you add it, the better search engines will rank you. However, there is a trade-off between launching more and more sites versus launching more and more pages on a particular site. Some people like to dedicate all their energies on just one or two or three domain names (i.e. web sites), and others prefer to dedicate their energies on launching hundreds of developed domains with only one or two or three pages of content.

    Regarding ads, you shouldn’t need to update / change your ads really ever. We show you how to plug in Google AdSense and then recommend you just let Google rotate ads based on their algorithm. Obviously, if you have a highly trafficked web site, you can earn more money by selling ads directly, but that’s not necessarily the model we advocate here at Beyond Domaining. If you want to do it though, more power to you!

  • Steven Says:

    If you work full time on this does it still one to two days per website? Can these be regular $10.00 domain names or do they need to have a pr ranking? Is this a scalable business where you can have hundreds of domains earning money everyday?

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hi Steven,

    There are no hard and fast answers to your questions. Results depend on a lot of different variables. Our guidebook walks you through the process of launching SEO optimized web sites, and we provide lots of suggestions for best practices, but ultimately results will be up to you.

    I’ll take a stab at your questions though:

    Question: If you work full time on this does it still one to two days per website?

    Answer: I have the process down where I can launch a 5 page web site similar to the examples you see on our Testimonials page in 1 – 2 hours. So theoretically, I can launch approximately 5 new web sites per working day. I have perfected the process though and have launched hundreds of web sites so you should not expect the same performance. Most people will probably take one to two days to launch their first few web sites. This accounts for the learning curve. But once the process is learned, it should be much quicker and should approach 1 – 4 hours.

    Question: Can these be regular $10.00 domain names or do they need to have a Google PR ranking?

    Answer: The better the name (type in traffic and/or alexa ranking and/or lots of backlinks and/or pr ranking) the better the results. We try to launch sites on top of names that have this legacy traffic and/or type in traffic, but certainly if you have a good name, you can experience good results from just a hand registered domain name. Again, it all depends on the execution. How many pages of content you put up. How monetizable the traffic is, etc. We have a great Case Study on Hand Registration that you should also take a look at in our ‘Case Studies’ section.

    Question: Is this a scalable business where you can have hundreds of domains earning money everyday?

    Answer: Yes and No. Yes, in that depending on how fast you are able to launch sites, you can certainly have hundreds of web sites launched. For example, if you have a goal of launching just 2 web sites per week (a very realistic goal), you should have over 100 web sites after 1 year. There are no scalability limitations to the system – and you should have hundreds of sites earning money every day (in fact this is what I have done). However, our system is Not one where you just update the DNS servers for your domain names and immediately have hundreds of web sites the way you get with Domain Parking services. Our system advocates launching each site
    individually with personal attention given to each domain name. This brings in SEO traffic and results in much better overall results.

    Best Regards,
    Beyond Domaining

  • Sam Says:

    I am looking at parking my domain names with and/or godaddy where they are located currently. What separates you guys from those two, and do you have examples?

    thank you,

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Sam,

    Thanks for your message. Here are a few quick bullet points for you:

    1) pays very, very little. They have nice landing pages though.

    2) GoDaddy charges you to park your names. Unless you have a lot of really good domain names, its likely not worth the money for you to park your names with them.

    3) We provide a step by step illustrated guidebook that shows you how to develop your domains into search engine friendly web sites. Once you develop your domains into web sites, you should earn more money (in fact, we guarantee that you will earn more than if you park your names, or your money back) because of a direct monetization relationship with Google instead of going through a parking company as a middle man and because you will get free traffic from search engines from the content you post.

    4) Inevitably, when people park there names, sooner or later they hate parking and try to develop their names. So domain development is a step up from domain parking.

    Best Regards,

    Beyond Domaining

  • Ann Says:


    Two years ago I bought fourteen .asia domain names and parked them with Sedo. Because I know next to nothing about domaining I thought this might be a good place to start while I tried to figure out what to do with these names. I came across your site and wonder if a domain extension that is not a .com or .net is suited for development and submission to search engines through Google or Yahoo. I have made no money with Sedo, and wonder if it even makes sense to try to develop websites with content (and, of course money generating ads) if the geographic area is served by a more popular search engine system. I’d appreciate your advice before purchasing your product. Thank you.

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Ann,

    To answer your question, Yes, the extension matters when it comes to developing your domain names. It all comes down to which region you are targeting the content for on your web sites, and how Google treats the extension are using for that content. I’m not exactly sure how Google treats .asia because I don’t own any .asia, but you should check to see how Google treats .asia before developing your web site.

    .COM, .NET, and .ORG are special extensions in that they can be used across country boundaries, but most country or region specific extensions get traffic limited by the region. Again, I don’t own any .asia, so you have to check and see how that extension works.

    If that sounded confusing, and to understand where I’m going with this, you need to understand how Google treats the content on web sites with different country code or region extensions. The easiest way to understand this is to think about two different English speaking countries. Let’s use Australia and The United Kingdom as an example.

    When you’re in Australia and you’re using and you type in ‘rentals’ you will only get web site results that end in But when you’re in the United Kingdom and you’re using and you type in ‘rentals’ you will only get web site results that end in Notice that you do NOT get many / any rental listings for .CA (Canada) or .CO.NZ (New Zealand) – even though those are both English speaking countries that certainly have lots of ‘rentals’ listings.

    This is because Google gives preferential treatment to ‘local’ domain extensions that match the region that the user is searching from as defined by the Google extension. So, if you have content that is designed for United Kingdom web surfers, Google is going to give you preferential treatment in the search results if the content you develop resides on a domain name versus if you were using a domain name. (Notably, Google also uses the IP address of the web host, so you want to try and use a web host that is located in the same country as the web surfers you are targeting.)

    So you must check and see how Google defines .asia and where it will be given preferential treatment.

    Now, even if the web surfers you are targeting do not match the extension you are using, that does not mean you will not get any traffic from search engines. You will just be at a disadvantage. So if you really like your domain names, and you want to develop Asia related content targeted at English speakers in Canada, perhaps, don’t let that completely discourage you. It won’t be the end of the world if you decide to use the .asia name. Just be warned that you might be at a slight disadvantage over someone that is using a .CA domain name.

    This part of the reason why .COM and .NET and .ORG are so valuable. They can be used in pretty much any locality as defined in Google Webmaster tools. (As an aside, we show you how to set up Google Webmaster Tools in all of our guidebooks.)

    Regardless of what you decide to do regarding the .asia domain names, you certainly can use our system to launch those web sites and they will likely do much better than what you’re getting at Sedo. Even if Google doesn’t give you preferential treatment in the locality you’re targeting, you will definitely at least ‘some’ treatment, and if you end up putting up good content, you’ll be in great shape regardless of the extension.

    Our system is an easy to follow step by step illustrated guidebook that shows domain name owners how to develop their domain names into money making web sites. Our system was developed specifically for the ‘novice’. No prior experience, other than basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and web browser, is required. We walk you through everything step by step instead of what would normally take months of research and trial and error on your own. It is completely possible to have an SEO friendly web site up and running in 1 day.

    As an aside, Sedo is the absolute worst for payouts. A direct quote from our guidebook reads, “Sedo (is) awful for parking income.” used to be pretty good, but in our opinion, they now rival Sedo for the absolute worst payouts in the industry.

    Best Regards,

    Beyond Domaining

  • Chris Says:

    Hi I’m interested in your domain development program. Is it feasible for a complete novice to do it, I have only ever populated a template site before and have no experience of adwords etc. Having said that I am degree educated and run my own business. So I would just like to know if it is sensible to start on this course. Thanks.

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Yes, it is feasible for a complete novice to launch numerous developed domain names using our system. Our system is an easy to follow step by step illustrated guidebook that shows domain name owners how to develop their domain names into money making web sites. Our system was developed specifically for the ‘novice’. No prior experience, other than basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and web browser, is required.

    Best Regards,
    Beyond Domaining

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