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Beyond Domaining Testimonials and Success Stories

100% Guarantee

This page is for Beyond Domaining customers to submit testimonials and success stories and to link to finished web sites. We love hearing from our customers, and our prospective customers would love to see what they can expect from our system, so once you’ve got a few sites up and running, please don’t hesitate to drop a line and include a link to one of your sites on this page.

30 Responses

  • Greg S. Says:

    thanks for your guidebook. easy to follow, and some great tips that i never knew existed.

  • Retired Teacher Says:

    I just want to thank you for assembling such a great product. I have been wanting to develop my domains. It would have taken me about 6 months to gather all the information that you presented so clearly. I am a business person, so I know that time is money. The small price to pay for your system was well worth it since it saved me 6 months of research.

  • Adam Howell Says:

    i was a newbie domainer, and actually, your guidebook is more than just domain development. it taught me domaining from start to finish. how to find domains using list filtering software, drop catchers, etc, and more importantly how to skip over those parking companies and go straight to becoming an online real estate tycoon by developing domains into web sites that the search engines will index so you get lots of free traffic. it all makes perfect sense now, but wow – i’m still trying to get my head around all of it.

  • Tamara Says:

    Scott, thank you so much for putting together your great system. I know nothing about computers or code or web sites but I was able to follow along with your system very easily. What you have created, and with all the examples, its just about the clearest, easiest, most straight forward thing imaginable to develop a domain name into an AdSense web site.

    I was able to post up a lot of the work I did for a school project and now its earning money for me with Google AdSense – just like you showed us. My parents always tell me school will pay off in the future, but with your help its paying off right now!

    You can view my web site at this link:

    Thank you so much for putting this out!

  • Mary Says:

    I purchased your system, and I have to say it’s very informative. Thank you for putting it together.

  • Domain Monster Says:


    I want to send a public Thank You because I really appreciate the feedback you gave me and your encouraging attitude when I was getting started. I hope it will bring you new business. You deserve it.

    To everyone here. I have about 200 domain names. For the longest time I’ve wanted to develop them. Most of my names didn’t even cover their renewal fees. I bought them planning to develop web sites on them but just never had time to learn. Scott’s system takes you step by step with screen shots and easy to follow instructions – how to integrate AdSense and Google Analytics, where to get free content, how to get traffic and SEO ranking fast, etc. Scott is a smart guy and his system gets you smart on helping you get the most out of your domain names.

    Within a few days, I had three sites up and now after a few months, I’m earning about $200 per month from your tactics. thanks!

  • John Says:

    Your site was worth thousands of dollars to me. It jump started my plans for developing my domains. I was just procrastinating for years because I didn’t know where to start. It all seemed so complicated to me. You made everything so easy.

    Here’s a shameless plug for one of my sites that I used your system to develop. It used to earn about $2 per month on a parked page. Now it earns about $2 per day! That’s nearly $700 per year in passive income.

    Using your system, I developed this site in 1 day:

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    We have been overwhelmed with thank you emails from Domainers that have taken their earnings to the next level by launching SEO friendly web sites using our Beyond Domaining system. One customer in particular has already launched 200+ web sites using our system and is making quite a good bit of money.

    We just wanted to give a quick plug for some Beyond Domaining customers that have gotten some great looking sites off the ground: – great domain name, highly monetizable content – excellent category, just wait for the holiday shopping season for a spike in traffic – lots of potential to add free content – great design, also used as affiliate link pass through…. that’s smart – good category – needs more content though – nice one-word domain name

  • Nascar Photos Says:

    Hey Scott, Your Beyond Domaining system is AMAZING! When I tell my friends I built the site myself, they don’t believe me. They think I paid a designer thousands of dollars for what you showed me how to do practically for free, in just a few hours.

    Check out the site I made at

    I can’t believe I was thinking of buying an expensive web design software for hundreds of dollars when I could have been doing everything myself with your system. And even if I had done all of the homework myself, it would have taken me months to figure out just 10% of what you laid out so clearly.

    Thanks for showing me the light. I could have never done it so cheaply and so easily without you.

  • B Says:

    I have found your domain development guide to be one of the most straightforward, well-written learning tools available. It is a great value. Thanks!

  • Brent Says:

    Hi there Beyond Domaining,

    I appreciate the clarity of your guide, not least because I am at the moment taking a course in Dreamweaver and one in Photoshop, trying to get a handle on keyword research theory and methods, and now getting into learning the CMS and customizing layout and design for functionality with different website projects.

    With all this, having a step-by-step instruction manual with relevant info such as yours makes it much easier to get a handle on all of this.



  • Grant Says:

    Your guide provides excellent value as a resource with step-by-step instructions in getting set up quickly for rapid domain development, as well as with many outside sources for tools, info, and content.

  • Number One Domainer Says:

    What really blew me away was the thousands of free articles. I wanted to develop my domains, but I always thought – man, its going to take forever to write all the articles I want – NEVERMIND! now i have have the thousands of free articles in every category imaginable. AdSense SEO city – BOOYA! $$$

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    We continue to receive Thank You emails from happy Beyond Domaining customers who are are re-claiming income from the parking providers by finally moving OFF of parked pages and onto their own web sites.

    Here is another quick plug for a few more great looking sites from Beyond Domaining customers: – this person built a blog fan site – yes, capitalize on your interests – good use of widgets and plugins – lots of SEO friendly content, nice work – great domain name – way to capitalize on a topic that interests you

    Keep up the good work folks. You can rest easy knowing your domains are increasing in value as you build SEO traffic by adding more content and images on your legitimate web sites. Search engines penalize parked pages sitting on parked DNS name servers.

  • Thomas Larson Says:

    my wife and i can’t thank you enough. your system is not a get rich quick scheme. but it did get us up to speed with online income and now we’re making about $1,000 per month in AdSense revenue just by following your system. We work 9-5 during the week, but we’ve set a goal for ourselves to launch 1 new site per weekend. I expect we’ll be making about $5,000 per month in AdSense and Affiliate program revenue by the end of 2010. thanks for making our dreams a reality.

  • Full Time Domainer Says:

    I lost my job in early 2008 and thought I could make money domaining. But the parking companies just weren’t cutting it at all. Aside from a few one off sales for a few thousand bucks, I was only making about $50 per month in parking.

    Now I’m making about $2,000 per month. Which is good, but not as good as my old salary. But I’m learning a ton from the strategies you laid out (there are so many of them, you’re keeping me busy for months!). I especially like what you said about getting other people to work for you for free, and instantly to get content developed (who wouldn’t).

    I think if I keep at it, I should be up to about $8,000 per month by the end of 2010. If the economy rebounds and CPCs go back up to where they were last year, I coudl pretty much retire off of what I learned from you.

  • Beyond Domaining Says:

    We continue to be impressed by the hundreds of sites domainers like yourselves are launching using the Beyond Domaining system. We receive thank you emails and kind notes from happy customers almost daily.

    Periodically, we like to highlight some of the sites being built using our system. Here are some more that have been brought to our attention recently. Congrats on all the site launches and keep cutting those parking companies out of the equation! – excellent domain name, great design, and good use of content. keep in mind, Google allows you to include up to 3 AdSense ad units per page. you might consider putting another one in the article body or at the bottom of the page. – excellent domain name. Nice work incorporating eBay store. Content, shopping, design, Google AdSense, you did it all. We’re jealous! – great domain name, great content, great design – excellent all around. keep cranking these things out. – good content and excellent domain name. – nice looking header image; should be lots of free content out there for this topic. – same as above, nice looking header image, and there should be lots of ‘directory’ content information that can be put into the site. – great start. – excellent domain name. Love the category. – personal computing is always a great category to work with.

  • Meda Says:


    Thank you for all the help, anyone who’s not sure if once you buy this guide you’ll be left to fend for yourself…you WON’T be! They answer email after email and then some, trust me I should know. I really believe that they want you to do well and I think this is why. If you do well and have a positive experience, you’ll pass that information on and they’ll get more exposure, win/win.

    With the quick info and simple steps from the book I was able to make a travel site with tons of FREE content and I’m going to add to it weekly to help improve my SEO.

    Thanks again!

  • Meda Says:

    Hey again,

    Since last time I left a message I’ve filled my first site with tons of travel info that I got free thanks to your guide.

    Now I’m working on making a fansite with free content from the resources you told us about and working to get fans to submit reviews and opinions. So feel free to visit it and drop a line if your a twilight fan:

  • Steve Says:

    When I first started out, I spent a bunch of money on expired domain names. In my head I had all these big plans to launch these really cool web sites, but I really had no clue what I was doing. The sites I was launching were falling flat on their face.

    When I found your site I decided to take a chance because you actually had lots of real world examples and testimonials with real world web site examples.

    So yeah, I ended up following your system exactly and was able to launch this Car Audio photo gallery in a few hours. Piece of cake with your guide. Its been great because I can definitely see all the new traffic coming in from all over the web into my Google Analytics account. A big part of that new SEO traffic is coming from the Google Image Searches to my photo gallery when people are looking for car audio photos.

    Here’s one of the image galleries I built:

    Thanks again!

  • Greg Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to let you know I set up my first site using your Beyond Domaining guide book. I am a noob who has way too many domains sitting not making any money and that haven’t been developed yet. Following the step by step instructions was easy. In fact, the experience was invigorating because now I see how the pieces fit together and what it will take to get these babies up and running. I had to stop myself from running off and buying a bunch of domain names to add to the pile.

    It took me the better part of the day as a complete novice to setup my accounts, download/upload files, setup the site and write/find some articles to get it going. Not bad considering a lot of what I did won’t need to be done again for the next one. Seems to me that someone who is proficient could do 2-4 a day for the basics.

    I can’t thank you enough for this well presented step by step program. I’m on my way to making my domains pay.

    Still plan on adding videos and a discussion board but you can find my very basic first attempt at

    Thanks again,

  • JRF Says:

    Thank you so much for this. Your level of integrity and customer service is
    to be commended.

  • Dennis Humble Says:

    I wanted to mention how impressed I am with your customer service. I purchased your first product at the end of 2009. I was thoroughly impressed with how easy it was to implement your step by step process.. even for a novice like myself. The information was in-depth and accurate but clear and easy to understand. I was impressed to say the least.. but this was the first of my many coming satisfactions with your product and services.

    At the turn of the year google announced a change in their search algorithms. I was nervous as to how that would affect my new domain development business that you had provided me. I wrote you with my concern, really not expecting to hear much. Within 20 minutes.. literally.. you had responded with a complete accurate and fully understandable explanation as to how things were gonna work and how your next program (to be release shortly after our conversation) was going to take full advantage. But that is not all… you then offered your upgrade FREE to existing customers. WOW. I was blown away. But it doesn’t end there.

    After developing a few more domains, in my inexperience, I was worried with how one of my sites was performing. I wrote again with my concern and, once again, a response came within 20 minutes of my sending it with a complete, fully thought out, and best of all, helpful response. You even reviewed my sites and gave me feedback.

    I cannot express how grateful I am for your help and your continued-help well “beyond” my initial purchase of your system.

    Thank you,

    Dennis Humble

  • Karen M. Says:

    I want to thank you for a wonderful product. This step-by-step guide with the screen shots was just what I needed! Well worth the money, and perfect for the domainer! Plus, I now use the same process to publish other sites by simply choosing different templates. I would have never known how to set up multiple sites onto one hosting plan if it were not for your guide! I’ve always struggled with that part of the process, and failed miserably… but no longer! Thank you!!!

  • John B Says:

    BTW, did my first site at and I do like the results.
    Kind regards,
    John B

  • Arthur Says:


    Beyond Domaining is amazing. I tried to learn WordPress back in December. I was completely lost, got frustrated and just gave up. Your information walked me through it so easily as I finished my first WordPress site


  • Cathy Davis Says:

    Excellent for beginners as well as experienced domainers. Love it!

  • Jon Says:

    So much useful information, easy to follow set out step by step. My first site as it stands now:-

    There will be more to come.

    Many thanks

  • OzPianoman Says:

    Just purchased your entire set – first pdf doc alone worth the investment and I’m following your instructions to the letter.
    Now at page 39 of 108 and Wow – got the WordPress setup working 1st go!
    What a perfect guide so far !!!
    Haven’t even looked at the rest of mountain of stuff you provided.

    Recently regd yet another domain name… thought I gotta find someone to help me avoid the same old same old; The crappy html pages I have been putting up year after year.
    Started in ’98 just like you; Think I might have written 3 million words, made a name for myself,
    (google ” ozpianoman ” you’ll see what I mean)
    people love me – and that’s probly earned me a thousand bucks a year.
    Time for a change hey?

    You’re very thorough and oh so capable …
    Think I might have stumbled on the right person at just the right time!

    Thanks heaps mate.

    Col “OzPianoman” Mullin

  • Trema Says:

    I would like to thank Beyond Domaining for this great guide. It’s easy to follow really, I had few questions and Scott took the time to answer me with very extensive explanations. Honestly 50$ is not expensive for what this allows you to do; you’re fully capable to build working websites on your own after, and so far I have two almost finished websites. I was much faster on the second one. It’s not hard you will see…really, not as hard as you may be led to believe.

    I have quite a few parked domains and they will all slowly become developped. Thanks to this guide :)



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